Monday, 11 August 2014


Today is Preston's 11 month Angelversary. It seems almost impossible to believe it has been eleven whole months since he left, since a cot bumper snatched his little life away as he slept, but it has. This seems as good a day as any to start this blog. Somewhere other than facebook to tell his story, somewhere new to talk of the importance of safe sleep.

Over the next few days we'll post up some of the more significant posts from Justice for Preston's facebook page, posts that explain why we loathe those awful bumpers and why we desperately want to get them off the shelves. Over the coming months we'll tell you more about ourselves, and Preston, and safe sleep. We'll share stories of other risks and tragedies in the hope that knowledge can prevent more deaths. We hope you'll share your stories with us too, because we really believe that together we can make a difference. Over the coming years we hope we'll be able to tell you of the progress we've made, and the changes made to the system, and of awareness campaigns (so sadly lacking in the UK) that are making babies safer.

Eleven long months Preston has been gone. Eleven months in which we haven't stopped talking and sharing, hoping and praying, working and fighting for change. Please sign Preston's petition if you can. It's open to all British citizens.

Thank you.

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