Thursday, 14 August 2014

Why Justice for Preston?

Why Justice for Preston?
Preston and his family were let down by the system.

They were let down by an NHS which openly says on its website that 'Cot bumpers are not recommended because babies can overheat or get tangled in the fastenings.' (if you know where to look -it isn't with the SIDS/safe sleep advice) and yet doesn't inform many of its health visitors, doctors and midwives of this or train them to pass this message on.

They were let down by their local health authority. Preston's health visitor had seen his bumper only weeks before he died but didn't recognise the danger.

They were let down by the government, in particular the Department of Health, who are well aware of the existing research done by other countries to show that cot bumpers can, and do, take lives but they have never run a 'Bare is Best' campaign to make British parents aware of the dangers.

They were let down by the manufacturers who continue to make, and the stores who continue to sell, cot bumpers for profit knowing they are a risk to life. They were doubly let down by the insistence of these companies to promote bumpers, not just as decoration but as a safety item when they know the opposite is true.

Justice for Preston is not just a campaign title.
Justice for Preston is what he, and his family, deserve.

Help us get Justice for Preston by signing the petition. Give him a voice and help babies in the future.

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