Saturday, 16 August 2014

Safe Sleep Awards - Preston's Safe Sleep Super Stars

Through eleven months of campaigning for safe sleep and working hard every day to raise awareness on the dangers of cot bumpers, we have realised how few parents know the risks of having a cluttered cot. We have seen reputable companies insist on selling bumpers because 'parents want them' despite keeping those same parents in the dark about the true risks; and popular magazines and businesses which rely on parents and babies, persist in using unsafe images to promote their products.

It is rare we see a company take a stand for safe sleep by using only pictures of safe environments and practices in their advertising and on their website. We think those that do deserve recognition. We think they deserve applause.
We think they are Safe Sleep Super Stars.

If you know of a company that only uses safe images, or has dropped bumpers from their range (we live in hope), you can nominate them for our safe sleep award by messaging us on our facebook page, starting your message with SAFE SLEEP SUPER STAR, or leave a comment on this post.

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